About Louis Santoro

  • Licensed in Boston Massachusetts June 13, 1988 - SALES LICENSE

  • Member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board

  • Practiced in "Leasing" and "Residential Sales" in the Greater Boston area for 4 years.

  • Louis still holds a Sales license in (excellent) standing with the State of Massachusetts.

  • 1992 Louis Santoro moved to Portland Maine to practice real estate with CENTURY 21 and passes the "Sales" exam. Opens up a RENTAL DIVISION under CENTURY 21

  • 1994 Louis upgrades to "ASSOCIATE BROKER" licensing status.

  • 1999 Louis becomes an active member of the PORTLAND BOARD OF REALTORS active to this day.

  • 1994 Louis elects to move his rental division to WEBBER REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATES leases a space of his own to practice in real estate Sales and DBA "RENTAL PROPERTY SPECIALIST" I4 year standing.

  • Louis elected to move to FLYNN AND COMPANY real estate South Portland, ME. Practiced real Estate sales and Leasing and investment sales. 5 years standing.

  • DESIGNATED BROKER - 2003 Louis Santoro upgrades to the highest licensing status of "Designated Broker" and creates Santoro Real Estate Inc. Purchases a commercial condo and starts an S Corporation practicing real estate SALES. He also owns the premier Home Leasing and Property management business "Santoro Rental Division". Louis specializes in Investment Sales as he has been dubbed "The Rental King". His experience and advice is sought after by appraisers and investment home owners.

Lou is passionate about REAL ESTATE

Lou practices real estate at Santoro Real Estate Inc. located in the quaint area of Knightville at
96 Ocean Street, South Portland, ME 04106

Licensing Status
1. Sales agent
2. Assistant Broker
3. Current Level - Designated Broker License Member - Portland Board Of Realtors

Mission Statement

SELLERS - We will represent you to the highest degree, resulting in the highest dollar amount procured for the sale of your primary home or your investment home(s). Louis is very experienced in a tax deferred 1031 Exchange. These must be done in a timely manner and with expert precision.

BUYERS - We will represent you as a buyer to the highest degree as you purchase a home within your means as well as procuring you the most practical financing to fit your needs at the best borrowing rate. We will take the fear out of buying your first home. You will know immediately that you're in the hands of an experienced broker. If you are purchasing an investment home we will, and are qualified to, give you the best advice (advice from experience) with our "rental home" expertise. We will advise you on current rental values and practical projection rental income amounts. We will show you tangible rental comparables from our rental/leasing home inventory.

RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS - Santoro Rental Division will be your representative. We will be your fiduciary agent(s). We will expertly procure the most qualified tenant. You will have a custom written LEASE to fit your needs. We will qualify the tenant(s). We will give you unsurpassed knowledge and risk protection during the leasing process.